Venus Fly Trap Dionaea Muscipula Jumbo Indoor Plant 12cm Pot Save

Venus Fly Trap Dionaea Muscipula Jumbo Indoor Plant 12cm Pot

  • Hugely popular and recognisable Swiss Cheese Plant
  • Brings an instant tropical feel to any room
  • Glossy, rich green leaves will trail gently over their pot
  • Leaves can be tied to a support and treated as a climber
  • Easy to grow for immediate impact around the home
  • Supplied as an established plant, in a 14cm pot
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Venus Fly Trap Dionaea Muscipula Jumbo Indoor Plant 12cm Pot

RRP: £17.99 Our Price: £14.99

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The Venus Fly Trap is an iconic insect eating plant and will be a brilliant talking point for the home. The jawed traps spring shut when triggered by a passing insect and begin the process of digesting the victim to release the valuable nutrients. This is a variety which can grow traps over 2.5cm (1in) and is one of the larger plants offered for sale so you don't have to wait years to get a substantial number of traps. The plant attracts insects by releasing a scent which mimics those emitted by fruits and flowers. The lobes of each trap secrete a sweet mucous which act as an attractant along with red colouring which intensifies in bright summer sun, fooling the insect into thinking that it is a flower. The traps of this fascinating plant are shaped from the ends of the leaves, with specially adapted hair-like sensors which cause the trap to be triggered when touched two or three times in quick succession. This prevents accidental triggering by rain or debris falling in and the traps are also clever enough not to close on tiny insects which would waste valuable energy for very little return. Once the jaws have closed, there is no escape. The struggling insect stimulates the trap to close further, immobilising it. Digestive acids are then produced by the leaf which kill, then dissolve the body and absorb the valuable nutrients. Once closed, traps take 5 to 12 days to reopen after the prey has been digested and will only work a couple of times before they become unusable so do not be tempted to close them yourself as this will weaken the plant. Supplied as an established plant in a 12cm pot, much bigger than plants offered for sale elsewhere and with more than one crown, ready to give you an instant pest clearing service.

Care Guide
A native of USA swamps, the Venus Fly Trap - Dionaea Muscipula - will grow perfectly happily on a windowsill or frost-free greenhouse, where plants need only to be kept in a tray of rain water or distilled water 1-2cm (<1in). Able to cope with temperatures down to 0C and easily overwintered in a cold greenhouse or porch, the leaves emerge each spring from an underground bulb and form a rosette of 4-7 traps.

Spring/Summer care: Plant should be watered from below during the growing season. The easiest way to do this is to permanently stand the pot in a saucer that is filled with rain water to 2.5cm (1in) deep. Don't be tempted to feed plants yourself, they'll catch all that they need themselves. If you must, just leave them outside for a few days in the summer to 'catch up'. The Venus Flytrap may flower, but it is best to cut these off as this will weaken the plant and result in fewer, smaller traps. Never apply fertiliser to the plants.

Autumn/Winter care: From September, you will notice some of the leaves begin to die off, and this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about as the plant enters its winter dormancy. Watering at this time can be reduced so that plants are kept just damp - all you need to do is let the water tray empty before filling it up again, to about 1cm deep. Any dead foliage can be cut off. Plants need a cold winter rest, so if you are growing your plant indoors, move it to a cooler position such as an unheated greenhouse, porch or unused and unheated room. Plants are hardy down to 0C, then towards the end of February, they will start to come back into growth, and they can be put back on a sunny windowsill and stood back into a tray of rainwater. Secret of success - always rain water, never tap water, allow a period of winter rest.

This product is offered for sale for home delivery exclusively via our website only. The images represent established plants, the supplied product may be younger. All heights listed are approximate and fully established plant heights may vary. The amount of foliage, buds or bloom on the plant will depend on what part of the season the product is purchased.

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