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All of our decorative garden structures are made to high-quality standards, ensuring you get the most out of your outdoor space. We have something to suit everyone and every garden, so get creative with our garden design today. 


Discover ideas for your garden, from durable decking to enchanting rose arches. No matter the size of your outdoor space, we have a fantastic range of garden decor that will help bring it to life.

  • Types of decorative garden buildings 

    • It’s not only sheds you can buy and build in your garden, there’s many different types of outdoor buildings.

      Roof covers and shelters like these are ideal if have an outdoor kitchen. They make your BBQ a focal point in the garden, and keep it protected at the same time.

      Pergolas and gazebos can be strikingly designed, offer protection from the sun and give your garden some interest at different heights.

      A Garden Bar is perfect for the party people amongst you. Some kinds of outdoor bar even double up as useful storage solutions too.

      Seating can also be considered a garden building when they’re sheltered like these beautiful arbours.

  • Garden furniture protection and storage ideas… 

    • As long as your garden furniture has been properly treated and maintained, you shouldn’t need to use covers over the winter period. However, covering and protecting your outdoor items from severe weather can help them look better for longer. And since there are affordable covers and storage in all shapes and sizes for all outdoor accessories, it makes sense spending a few extra pounds now to save money later.

  • What is a patio cover called? 

    • Patios can be covered and protected in a number of ways – the most well-known is probably the Gazebo. Gazebos are typically temporary structures used to provide patio cover and protection from the sun and other weather conditions. They don’t always come with side coverings, but they do come with a fully covered roof. There are also Pergolas – these are very similar to Gazebos but generally don’t offer complete coverage from the weather.

      Good quality wood furniture is a nice natural material to choose, just make sure you apply a new protective treatment every year to keep it in good shape.

      These are the most well-known temporary structures, but there are more permanent covered patio ideas like door canopies and awnings.

  • Landscaping your own garden 

    • Landscape gardening is essentially planning and refreshing your garden with new textures, characters and structures into one unified view. Anyone can do it; it just takes time and vision. Here are some garden landscaping ideas:

      Start in winter when your existing garden is dormant. Do some research and think about if you want some new seating areas? Some more colour? Or something more low maintenance?

      Consider your hedges or fences and if you want to add any trellis and climbing plants.

      Are there any paths, or have you always wanted a patio or some decking?

      Do you want more defined playing, eating and garden arbour seating zones?

      And think about where you’ll place any planters or shrubs.

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Decorative Garden Structures
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