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Cook up a storm with our reliable range of quality cookware and find great deals on well-known brands. The kitchen is the heart of the home, we have a great range of products to make your mealtimes easier. 


Discover quality baking accessories and create your own culinary delights for friends and family.  From baking tin liners to measuring jugs, we have everything you need for a showstopping bake-off. Our food storage containers are perfect for keeping your baked goods fresh and tasty.

  • What are baking tins used for? 

    • Baking tins are used for holding and cooking food in any type of traditional oven. Baking tins are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs suitable for a multitude of cooking styles.

      You can find baking sheets for biscuits, roasting tins for crispy potatoes and even muffin tins that are perfectly designed for beautiful buns. Loaf tins are ideal for homemade bread or loaf cakes. Springform tins are ideal for setting things like cheesecake and getting them out smoothly in one piece.

  • What are casserole dishes made of? 

    • Casserole dishes are most commonly made of glass or ceramic. Some premium brands offer casserole dishes that are made out of cast iron.

      A casserole dish is a versatile piece of cookware that consists of a deep dish with a fitted lid. Casserole dishes are oven-friendly and often used to slow cook meat and stew ingredients.

  • What is the difference between an appliance and kitchenware? 

    • An appliance is an electrical item used in the kitchen, whereas kitchenwares are items such as utensils.

      For example, kitchenware would refer to the following: cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils, sieves, colanders and tin openers. Whereas appliances would be things like microwaves, fridge freezers, kettles, toasters and air fryers.

  • Is it okay to store dry food in plastic containers? 

    • Yes, it is perfectly safe to store dry food in plastic containers. Plastic containers can be a long-lasting alternative to single-use plastic food packaging.

      Visiting a zero-waste food shop with your plastic food containers is an environmentally friendly way to purchase cupboards staples such as cereals, grains and pasta.

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