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Create extra storage space in your home with our extensive range of storage boxes, bags and bins. Great value from QD Stores.


Tidy away clutter and organise your living space with a selection of sturdy storage boxes. With storage solutions suitable for every room and purpose, you can make sure all your belongings are neatly tucked away. 


We also have a range of storage solutions for the home, including your kitchen and even under the bed! Make your selection from our great value storage solutions and enjoy fantastic quality for less.

  • Are square or round containers better? 

    • Both square and round containers have been designed to store your items in the same way, but square containers are far more efficient for space-saving.

      Square and rectangular food containers can fit together and around each other inside cupboards, freezers and fridges, leaving less unused space.

  • Are glass jars better than plastic? 

    • Glass jars are better for the environment than plastic containers. Glass jars can also be washed at very high temperatures, meaning they are easier to keep clear of bacteria.

      Some plastic food containers run the risk of leaking chemicals into the food, whereas glass jars do not contain any chemicals and so pose little risk to food safety.

      Glass is also more widely recycled and easier to reuse than plastic. Overall, glass jars have many more benefits than plastic.

  • What are the best boxes for storage? 

    • Plastic bins are absolutely ideal for all kinds of home storage. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, plastic storage boxes are extremely versatile and suitable for a multitude of purposes.

      Investing in several storage boxes of the same design will make your storage area look neater and more coordinated. It will also mean you can easily stack up your boxes if needed.

  • Does under bed storage get dusty? 

    • Yes, the space under your bed is prone to dust build-up and unfortunately, it is unavoidable. Enclosed spaces around the home often get forgotten about when it comes to regular cleaning and maintenance, but there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount.

      It is very good practice to empty your under-bed space every few weeks and give things a good wipe down. Vacuuming the floor underneath regularly will also help to reduce the dust build-up.

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