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Brighten up your borders with our bedding plants and hardy shrubs! No matter how big your outdoor space is, you can find plants to suit your choice of flower beds and garden plant pots. 


If you're working from home, why not treat your home office to some calming houseplants? Indoor plants can help boost your well-being as well as improve the air quality of your home. 


Fancy trying to grow your own vegetables? You can experience a taste of the good life and embrace sustainable living by trying a selection of our quality fruit and vegetable seeds.

  • What is a low maintenance indoor plant? 

    • Low maintenance indoor plants require minimal care and are available in varieties such as snake plants, cacti and succulents.

      Plants are considered to be low maintenance when they require sporadic watering and are not fussy over lighting. All indoor plants need sunlight in various forms, but low maintenance plants can usually survive in the shadows.

      Philodendrons, spider plants and aloe vera are also great species for beginners. If you are looking to create your own urban jungle, start out with easy house plants first and work your way towards something higher maintenance.

  • Which flowers are easy to grow? 

    • If you fancy growing your own flowers this year, try some of these easy-to-grow varieties:

      Sunflowers. A classic, not very fussy with soil as long as there is plenty of sunshine.

      Snapdragons. Happy as long as there is plenty of watering.

      Sweet Peas. Very versatile and perfect for pots or beds.

      Peonies. Prefer somewhere well-drained with plenty of sunshine.

      Marigolds. Traditional and low maintenance.

      Begonias. Colourful and elegant, these blooms prefer shadier areas.

  • What is an oxygenating plant? 

    • Oxygenating plants generally grow underwater and release oxygen into their surroundings through their leaves. They are an essential part of healthy pond life and will encourage clear and healthy water.

      Help keep your pond clear and free of algae with a selection of oxygenating plants. Research the months of oxygen production before choosing your selection of plants, this will ensure the pond has active oxygen production throughout every season.

  • How long does it take to grow cucumbers? 

    • Cucumbers will be ready to pick between 50 and 70 days from sowing. Cucumber plants can take a couple of months to grow, but once they are established the fruits themselves grow very quickly.

      Keep an eye out for the beautiful yellow flowers. Female flowers will produce a small cucumber just below them. It is important to check your cucumbers regularly as they grow super quick and can turn bitter in flavour if over-grown.

      Traditional slicing cucumbers should be harvested when they are 18-22cm long and dark green in colour. If you are looking to pickle baby cucumbers into gherkins, pick them when they reach 5-10cm.

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