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There are 4 products

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  • Outsunny Round Hot Tub Inflatable Spa Outdoor Bubble Spa Pool With Pump Cover Filter Cartridges 4-6 Person Dark Blue

    RRP £319.00
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  • Outsunny Round Hot Tub Inflatable Spa Outdoor Bubble Spa Pool With Pump Cover Filter Cartridges 4 Person Dark Blue

    RRP £399.00
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More About Hot Tubs

Take your outdoor living to the next level with the addition of a hot tub to your outdoor space. Relax and unwind in ultimate comfort in the evenings.


The perfect place to chill out and sip your bubbly, our hot tubs are the perfect place to enjoy a lazy afternoon. 


Liven up your patio with an inflatable spa so you can kick back and relax after a long day. We have a range of accessories and covers to keep your hot tubs in the best condition.

  • What size inflatable hot tub should I buy? 

    • When it comes to sizing of hot tubs, the number of recommend occupants refers to the number of adults who can comfortably sit side-by-side without stretching out. Our 4-person hot tubs tend to be the most popular as they are spacious for a couple, with room for guests when needed.

      As a general rule, sizes allow for the following:

      180cm - 190cm = perfect for 2 people

      190cm - 200cm = cosy for 4 people

      200cm + = spacious enough for 6 people

  • Can I use my inflatable hot tub as a pool? 

    • Depending on the type of hot tub you have, most models can be versatile for changing seasons. As the weather starts to get warmer, many people turn the temperature down on their hot tub and enjoy cooling off in there, much like an outdoor pool.

      Some models even have the functionality to turn of the heating completely, so you could have a very refreshing dip!

      Although we would always recommend checking with the manufacturers advice, the short answer is yes, many hot tubs can double up as pools in the summer.

  • How do you keep an inflatable hot tub clean? 

    • Inflatable hot tubs require regular maintenance and upkeep in order to stay clean. Every model will come with a maintenance guide, making it easy to care for.

      Our top tips:

      - Keep the pH level between 7.2 and 7.8

      - Use an appropriate sanitiser to kill bacteria

      - Shower before entering the tub

      - Keep the lid or cover on in between use

      - Replace the water regularly as recommended

      - Have a net handy to clear away debris

      - Most importantly - take regular bathroom breaks!

  • Can I keep my inflatable hot tub indoors? 

    • Inflatable hot tubs can be kept indoors, if the space is large and suitable. They need to be kept somewhere well-ventilated to prevent condensation build-up.

      Be mindful of the area surrounding the hot tub, as splashes are unavoidable and must be kept away from sockets and items that do not like water.

      Due to the weight of a filled inflatable hot tub, they will need to be kept on the ground floor level and on a hard, flat surface.

      As always, make sure to check with the manufacturers first and follow the care advice provided.

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