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There are 12 products

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There are 12 products

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  • Artificial Laurel Leaf Garden Trellis Screen 90x180cm

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  • Artificial Acer Leaf Extendable Trellis Panel 1m x 2m

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  • Expanding Willow Trellis Artificial Variagated Leaves Design 120x180cm

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  • Artificial Willow Leaf Garden Trellis Screen 90x180cm

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  • Slim Trellis Garden Panel Climbing Plant Support 4 x 1 Foot

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  • MULTI-BUY 2 For £7

    Tan Garden Trellis Plant Support Natural Wood 6 x 2 Foot

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  • 1 x 3m Bamboo Screening Panel

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  • Growing Patch 12 Piece Plastic Garden Fence

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  • Reed Screening Panel 1 x 3m

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  • Fence Garden Panels Bronze 4 Pack 2.4m Long

    RRP £24.99
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More About Garden Trellis

Give your garden some definition with a selection of garden trellis. We have attractive garden screening that will complement your outdoor space and provide privacy where needed.


Our decorative panels for gardens not only serve as fencing but also make the perfect home for your climbing plants. 

  • What can I put up instead of a fence?  

    • The rules on your garden fence should be pretty clear in your council’s online planning information, but as a general guide, fences or borders around your property can be no higher than 2m. However, if they border public pathways, the rules are different. And the same is true if you own a listed building or live in a conservation area.

      So, anything up to 2m is acceptable if your putting up a fence, now you just need to choose a material. The most common is 6ft wood fence panels – these are the go-to for most people, but styles and colours vary:

      •  Wavy-top fence panels

      •  kickboard panels

      •  Curved-top panels

      •  Slatted panels

      •  Lattice fence panels

      •  Classic featheredge panels

      You could also go for alternative fence ideas, like bamboo, metal or brick, but these have their own structural and visual issues. Another option is to go for a living fence or a hedge. These can be grown as high as you like, but be careful of upsetting your neighbours by blocking their light.

  • Can I put trellis on top of a 6-foot fence? 

    • The general rules state your fence cannot be higher than 2m, and a typical fence panel is 6ft or 1.8m. In most regions, garden trellis has to adhere to the same specifications, so, if you can find a 20cm trellis, then yes, you can – as long as the fence is yours and not your neighbours.

  • Do it yourself trellis ideas  

    • If you want bespoke trellis built to size, it won’t necessarily be cheap, so here are some DIY trellis ideas:

      1.  Use twigs and twine to build your own

      2.  Use thin wood offcuts to build a non-symmetrical and contemporary trellis

      3.  Use wire to tempt vines to grow the way you’d like

      4.  Use old or cheap pipes to create your own shaped trellis

      5.  Use long pieces of wood or twigs for a triangular frame and twine as the lattice work for a quick, easy pea trellis

      6.  Use an old wooden pallet resting at an angle to keep your cucumbers off the ground.

  • What is the easiest climbing plant to grow? 

    • Ivy is an incredibly virulent climber; it will basically grow anywhere. Be careful to keep on top of it though or it could get out of control.

      Wisteria plants are beautiful and fragrant making them a favourite climber. Just remember that they need a lot of sun and water, and can be difficult to prune.

      Clematis is easy and popular too. The bright, open flowers are great for pollinators and it takes up little ground space too. These are brilliant little sun-seekers.

  • What’s the best border edging? 

    • The main types of flower bed edging fall into three categories: wood, plastic or stone.

      Stone edging is strong and long-lasting. Sometimes called kerbs, they’re excellent at keeping soil, gravel and bark where they’re supposed to be in garden borders.

      Plastic edging is great at keeping things separate, and if you choose the right colour, they’re almost invisible. It’s the cheapest kind of border, but not the most attractive.

      Wood edging is probably the most accessible and popular. It’s a natural material and blends well into the garden, but it’s not as long-lasting without some help.

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