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Beds are the centrepiece of your bedroom and a well-loved sanctuary at the end of a long day. Investing in a sturdy bed frame and a quality mattress will give you years of relaxation and much-needed rest.


We have bed frames available in stylish designs to suit any surrounding, built with comfort and practicality in mind. Pair with a selection of our sumptuous bedding for a luxury finish, perfect for getting that great night's sleep.

  • What is the order of sheets on a bed? 

    • Bed sheets should be ordered as follows:

      1. Bed Skirt

      2. Mattress Protector or Topper

      3. Fitted Sheet

      4. Flat Sheet

      5. Blanket

      6. Quilt / Duvet with Cover

      7. Bed Pillows

      8. Accent or Scatter Cushions

      9. Throws & Blankets

      Not every bed requires all nine of these, so you can just opt for the ones you use.

  • How do you make a bed cosy? 

    • Beds are made cosier by adding layers of textures and fabrics. Start with a mattress topper for added comfort. To create extra warmth, try using blankets or quilts underneath your bedsheets. There is an old saying when it comes to bed warmth - "a blanket underneath is worth two on the top".

      Increase your duvet tog, a 13.5 tog is ideal for the winter months. Picking a duvet cover made of thicker materials, such as a fleece duvet cover will provide the ultimate cosy and warm setting.

      Adding piles of cushions and thick fleecy throws give a real sense of warmth and creates the perfect place to snuggle down on cold nights.

  • Which mattresses are the most comfortable? 

    • Memory foam mattresses are considered to be the most comfortable mattresses. Foam is designed to mould to the contours of your body, putting less pressure on joints and allowing for a comfortable night's sleep.

      For those who suffer from back pain, a foam mattress will offer the most support to reduce back problems. Lower back pain is also said to be alleviated best by a medium firmness mattress.

  • How big is a King Size bed in the UK? 

    • 150 x 200cm.

      King size beds are the most popular bed size for couples as they offer a bit more room than the traditional double size bed.

      A super king size bed measures wider at 180cm but is still 200cm in length.

      Top tip: If you have a partner who has a habit of stealing the covers, why not upgrade your duvet to the next size up? That way you will have an extra 30cm or so of cover to share.

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