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More About Garden Parasols

Garden parasols are a really useful piece of garden furniture to have. Not only will it shade you from the direct sunlight, but it also looks great and adds structure to your outdoor space. With a sturdy base and the right size Parasol, your garden will be transformed.


A parasol is the perfect finishing touch for your patio or decking. Anyone can quickly raise our garden umbrellas with their easy-to-use cantilever operation, ideal for those showers that catch you unawares. Using one of our sturdy parasol bases will make sure they won’t blow away on windy days.


  • Do cantilever parasols move in the wind? 

    • By design, cantilever garden parasols are made to tilt, hang and lean over to protect you from the sun at different angles – they’re even sometimes known as banana parasols because of how they hang off the stand.

      Due to their design, they are more susceptible to moving in the wind, and even falling over. To secure them, you can:

      Use a heavier base than recommended

      Invest in a permanent, inground base which can be covered over in winter

      Use sandbags to add on weight to your existing base

      Keep your cantilever parasol closed or stored away when not in use.

  • Are parasol bases universal? 

    • As long as your garden furniture has been properly treated and maintained, you shouldn’t need to use covers over the winter period. However, covering and protecting your outdoor items from severe weather can help them look better for longer. And since there are affordable covers and storage in all shapes and sizes for all outdoor accessories, it makes sense spending a few extra pounds now to save money later.

  • What sort of garden furniture is weather resistant? 

    • In a perfect world, all outdoor furniture would be of the same standard and weather resistant. But that isn’t the case.

      Good quality wood furniture is a nice natural material to choose, just make sure you apply a new protective treatment every year to keep it in good shape.

      Metal outdoor furniture is going to be naturally waterproof. Just keep an eye out for rust and regularly clean it. To keep it extra safe and reduce the necessary maintenance, consider employing the use of furniture covers. If you want something really long lasting, synthetic rattan may be the way to go. It’s UV and water resistant and just needs a wash every now and then.

  • Painting outdoor furniture… 

    • You’ve no doubt seen how painting a fence can protect it for a few more years and give your garden a new lease of life, and the same can be said of painting garden furniture.

      With just a few swipes of a brush, your wooden table and chairs will match and look refreshed. But you can do the same for metal furniture too. Using an exterior enamel paint can make your bistro set look brand new and will keep it rust-free for longer.

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