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  • What are the best lights for camping? 

    • The best lights for camping are portable lights which can be either battery operated or charged up before your trip.

      Opting for lights with a powerful lumens count (200 or above) would be best for larger groups. LED camping lights require very little power to operate and so may last longer. It is also believed that LED light can discourage some bugs, an added bonus!

      Some examples of the best lights for camping:

      - Torches

      - Head Torches

      - Spotlights

      - Lanterns

      - Tent Lights

  • What is chamois cloth? 

    • Chamois cloth is a cotton based product that has been named due to the similar characteristics it shares with Chamois leather. Chamois leather is sourced from a native species of antelop in Europe.

      Chamois cloth is popular as it is absorbant, smooth and non-abrasive. These properties make Chamois cloth perfect for cleaning the exterior of your car as it is unlikely to leave any scuffs or scratches.

  • Is it worth have dumbbells at home? 

    • Dumbbells are a brilliant piece of at-home exercise equipment. Providing you with additional tension for your muscle training, dumbbells can be used on their own or in pairs.

      It is important to make sure you research which weight would be most suitable for your body type and health needs. It is sometimes cheaper to buy dumbells as part of a set, which is perfect for having flexibility for your weight training.

  • Can adults play board games? 

    • Yes, adults can play board games. There are plenty of board games designed for an older audience, however many of the classic board games can be enjoyed by all ages.

      Board games are perfect for all members of the family to play together. Combining strategy and chance, players of all ages and knowledge can battle to be the winner.

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