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Here at QD Stores, we have a huge range of affordable electrical products; perfect for around the home.


From personal care items to power tools and even electrical accessories, you can keep up with the Joneses for a fraction of the price!


We stock a huge selection of household brands, as well as some cheaper alternatives to ensure you find the product to match your budget. Save money without compromising on quality; buy great value electrical products online with QD Stores.


  • Do tower fans cool better than regular fans? 

    • Both tower fans and regular pedestal fans are very efficient at cooling rooms, so your choice should be based on other factors.

      A tower fan is brilliant for space-saving, so if space is tight in a room, a tower fan can be a sleek addition to the space. Tower fans tend to also be a little quieter than pedestal fans, which is why they are often more expensive as the design is more compact.

  • Can I plug an extension lead into an extension lead? 

    • You should never plug an extension lead into an extension lead. Only ever use one socket extension lead per electrical socket.

      Always make sure to read the manufacturer's instructions and follow any safety advice when buying a new electrical product.

  • Do fan heaters use a lot of electricity? 

    • Electric fan heaters can be very power-intensive and do use a lot of electricity, however, they are still a cheap and efficient way to heat a small space quickly.

      If you are spending time in just one room, it will be cheaper and more cost-effective to heat that space with a fan heater than to put the central heating on.

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