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Browse our wide range of ornaments, water features and outdoor lighting to brighten and decorate your outdoor space. Our option of solar lights keeps your garden eco-friendly with all the same functionality of lighting up your social outdoor space.


All of our lights and ornaments are made to a high quality to ensure your garden looks it's very best. Buy in-store or online for easy home delivery.

  • What are garden ornaments made of? 

    • Garden ornaments can be made of anything. What you choose depends on where you’re buying your decorations from and what your budget is. More affordable options include sculptures which have been cast in a mould. These can be made from cement, plaster or resin. Statues and ornaments fashioned from metal or wood like these outdoor clocks and water features are generally more budget-friendly too. Of course, there are more costly statues you can purchase directly from artists or specialised shops. These are generally handmade in any material that the artist prefers – marble, bronze, even hubcaps.

  • Where to place garden ornaments & lights 

    • Situating garden lights and decorations does take a bit of thought. Consider your theme, if you’ve got any floral arrangements that could use a little something extra, and think about the eyelines from the windows of the house.

      Here are some tips:

      Think about what kind of garden you have and avoid clashing ideas like fairies and classic Greek statues.

      Emphasise your aesthetic. If you’re going for a woodland theme, some well-placed fairy and animal ornaments hidden around plants and flowers is really on brand.

      Make the most of the view from your house by placing sculptures and ornaments within view. You could even consider framing them in arches or gaps in the foliage.

      Position your outdoor lighting to guide you in the night – highlight obstacles and line paths.

      Place interesting statues near your outdoor dining or seating areas as a talking point.

      Motion sensor security lights near rear and front doors are a great way to discourage potential intruders

  • Starting a low maintenance garden 

    • For a low maintenance, easy-care garden, you’ve got to put in a little work first. Our top tips are to keep your plants to a minimum in large pots and planters. To reduce weeding in planted borders, use a mulch layer of gravel or bark. You could even go grass-free with paving slabs or gravel and make use of the space for some outdoor furniture.

  • How do you decorate outdoor living spaces? 

    • If you really want to go big on the outdoor décor, consider introducing decking for a dedicated seating area. Or add in some structure with a gazebo or some trellis with climbing plants. For a smaller flourish, try incorporating some outdoor lighting and decorative ornaments at different heights. And don’t forget that painting your fence can give you a whole new perspective.

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