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From outdoor ovens to flasks and lunch boxes, you can find everything you need to complete your perfect outdoor dining experience. Our high quality barbecues range widely in prices meaning you can find exactly what you need to serve any meal from your garden. Browse our extensive range to fully complete your perfect summer.

  • Should I get a gas or charcoal BBQ? 

    • Gas or charcoal – the ultimate Barbeque question. You’ll find arguments for both BBQ sides, but here’s a convenient breakdown to help you make your choice:

      • Cost: Gas BBQ’s are generally more expensive to buy outright, and Charcoal BBQ’s are more affordable. This is due to the extra mechanics needed for gas.

      • Fuel: Gas is actually cheaper to run and your gas bottle can be easily replaced or refilled once it’s used up. On the opposite side, charcoal is more expensive to buy and in the longer run, you’ll probably need to buy more of it.

      • Set up and use: a gas barbeque is by far easier to set up and cook with – you simply hook it up to the gas, turn it on, and cook. A charcoal barbeque will need time to heat up, regular care and will need more fuel adding to keep the temperature high.

      • Cleaning: Gas barbeques are simple to clean, just wipe down the barbeque grill. Whereas charcoal reduces to ash, which need to be disposed of.

      • Taste: Possible the most important and divisive part – a gas BBQ doesn’t flavour the food at all. Charcoal on the other hand, adds that tasty char and is great for searing.

  • Cool box vs. cool bag 

    • If you’re looking to transport food to do some outdoor dining, you can choose between cool boxes and cool bags to keep your food fresh.

      Cool Boxes can be more efficient at keeping things cool outdoor as they have thicker insulation and a better, tighter seal. They’re also sturdier and potentially longer lasting.

      However, Cool Bags are lighter and more storage friendly. They can be flattened and more easily stored away without compromising their effectiveness. Plus, they’re more transportable and often come with shoulder straps for ease of use.

  • Picnic ideas 

    • If you’re taking tasty finger foods, drinks and snacks along in your picnic basket, you’ll need some picnicware to transport it all with you.

      Here are some great outdoor dining ideas and items for your picnic:

      1. A good picnic blanket with a waterproof backing.
      How else are you going to sit together and enjoy the sun while staying dry on the ground?

      2. A cool bag full of goodies.
      If you’re not going far, large cool bags with shoulder straps are a great way to carry your food and keep it cool. They’re really affordable and come in fun designs too.

      3. Knives, forks and tableware.
      Keep the bugs away and fingers clean with plates, bowls, napkins and more. You can go disposable with polystyrene items and plastic cups, but why not go eco-friendly with reusable plates and thermos travel mugs?

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