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In this section, you’ll find the solution to all of your outdoor building needs. Our wide collection ranges from children’s playhouses to garden greenhouses, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. All of our outdoor buildings are built to a high standard using the best material to produce the best quality product for you. We aim to help you utilise your space in the most functional way possible.

  • What type of garden shed is best? 

    • There are three main types of garden sheds; Plastic, Metal and Wood. These materials and structures have different qualities, but they’re all efficient storage solutions and are ideal for any domestic gardens.

      A Plastic garden shed is more affordable, durable and weather resistant but they aren’t as secure as others and are not easy to modify.

      Metal garden sheds may be durable, strong and secure but they can rust and aren’t as visually appealing in a beautiful garden.

      Wood sheds are super popular. They’re traditional, easily modified with shelves and hooks for your needs and they’re easy to assemble as well. They tend to fit in more with the garden aesthetic but they do usually require more looking after unless you choose a pressure-treated option.

  • Where to position a greenhouse… 

    • For avid gardeners, greenhouses are a necessary garden structure to help grow plants and seeds all year round. The best place to put your greenhouse is on the south side of your house so it receives maximum sunlight, all day long. Failing that the south-east side will work as you still get sun most of the day, and if all else fails, choose the east side for more manageable morning and early afternoon sun.

  • Do you need planning permission for a summerhouse? 

    • Summerhouses are a really nice outdoor space. They’re perfect summer garden buildings for outdoor artists wanting to be surrounded by nature, for health nuts who need an outdoor workout space or for someone who just wants a quiet room to chill out in.

      And what’s great is that you don’t need planning permission for a summerhouse as long as you buy and install one that meets all the necessary guidelines set by the government.

      There are exceptions of course, like if your new summerhouse takes up more than half the garden, or is too tall. But basic garden log cabins are fine, as are summerhouses with short verandas and floor to ceiling Perspex windows.

  • Decorating your playhouse 

    • Garden playhouses are perfect for creative kids ready to go off into a world of their own. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs to help imaginations run wild. Depending on which on you buy, you may want to give it a lick of paint.

      You could paint your Wendy House all green and camouflage it into the surroundings for some sneaky games.

      Or why not give your wigwam a traditional feel with some native American style?

      To save time, you could buy a pre-painted one that’s bright and happy so it’s ready for playtime.

      Don’t forget to accessorise with cuddle toys, pinwheels, flags, flowers and curtains too. With a kids garden playhouse, you can dream big!

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