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Keep your garden looking its best through every season with a little help from our reliable gardening essentials. From watering cans to plant pots, you can find all the everyday necessities for a healthy garden.


Keep pesky weeds at bay and help your foliage flourish; we have everything you need to help your garden thrive. Whether you are planning to grow your own vegetables, or just keeping on top of a low maintenance garden, we have something for everyone.

  • Are water butts good for the environment? 

    • Yes, a water butt is a sustainable way to water your garden during the hotter months and will help towards reducing your home's carbon footprint.

      Make sure that your water butt is placed in a good location, such as under a drainpipe or somewhere that has water running off during wet weather. Your water butt will then gather and store excess rainwater, ready to be used in the garden during dry days.

      This is a simple and inexpensive way to recycle water and save on your water bill. The more butts you have in your garden, the more water you can reserve for periods of drought.

  • What is All Purpose Compost? 

    • All-Purpose compost is a mix of carefully blended ingredients that can be used in any part of your garden and in any type of planter.

      Depending on the brand, many multi-purpose composts come with built-in feed that will provide the plants with nutrients for several months.

      If you are planting out bedding plants, they will be ready accustomed to quality compost. It is important to blend plenty of good all-purpose compost into the soil before planting them so that they adapt to their new setting.

  • Are seed trays necessary? 

    • If you are looking to give your plants the best start in life, then growing seeds in seed trays is the best method. When your seeds are planted in pots, trays or containers, you have full control over their environment and habitat.

      In the UK, we only have a short spell of warmer weather. Many vegetable seeds need a warmer environment to grow to be strong and healthy seedlings. Planting vegetable seeds in seed trays will allow you to meet the desired conditions much easier.

      It may feel tempting to plant your seeds directly into the soil outdoors, but this puts them at risk of pests and poor weather conditions. In order to help them thrive, we would recommend starting off with seed trays or pots.

  • What tool do you use to turn soil? 

    • Turn over the soil in your garden using a garden fork for the best results. The long and rigid tines are perfectly designed to help aerate and break up tightly packed soil.

      When it comes to purchasing a garden fork, find a model with a comfortable handle to make it easier to use. Most garden tools are available in stainless steel which helps them last for many years.

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