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Having a pet is a wonderful thing – they bring joy and laughter, and give us companionship and unconditional love. You can rely on Scallywags to provide you with the very best care and quality for the special animals in your life.


Stock up on everyday items such as pet food, pet beds and hygiene essentials. Get those tails wagging and whiskers twitching with our tasty range of pet treats! Our loyal friends deserve the very best – so why not treat them to one of our adorable pet toys?

  • Do dogs get bored at home all day? 

    • Yes, dogs do get bored when they are left at home all day. Mental stimulation and physical activity are vital for a dog's wellbeing.

      A sure sign of a bored dog is destructive behaviour. When your dogs are destroying household items and messing up the house in your absence, it is a sign that they need more stimulation.

      Providing new dog toys on a regular basis will help keep your dogs busy and reduce any stress of being home alone. Taking your dog for a long morning walk and letting them burn off plenty of energy will encourage them to rest during the day and reduce the risk of destructive behaviour.

      If you feel comfortable leaving the television on, there are special television programmes you can access which have been designed to create a calming atmosphere for a restless dog.

  • What is the cheapest way to feed the birds? 

    • Here are some easy and cheap ways to feed the birds in your garden:

      - Plant some sunflowers. Not only are they an attractive feature, but birds will love the seeds they provide.

      - Leftovers. A few household food items can be left out for birds, such as plain cereals and over-ripened fruits.

      - Buy in bulk. Buying large bags and containers of bird feed will save you a fortune in the long run.

      - Avoid waste. Choose strong bird feeders with a bottom tray, this will prevent spillage and waste.

  • What small animals are good for anxiety? 

    • Small animals such as Guinea pigs, hamsters, fish and rabbits have all been shown to help reduce anxiety levels in people of all ages.

      Research shows that having a family pet can be a calming influence and reduce anxiety levels. Pets have long been used in therapy because of their calming effect on moods, they can also encourage focus.

      Pets provide sensory stimulation, combat loneliness and trigger the production of our oxytocin hormone which lowers our stress levels. Not only this, but small pets are a great way to teach younger family members about responsibility.

  • What do cats like as treats? 

    • Cats love a wide variety of treats, with cat grass and catnip being popular favourites. Both of these are natural and easy to grow, all you need is a sunny windowsill.

      Buying ready-made cat treats is an easy way to ensure that the treats are suitable for your cat's health. The packaging will have plenty of advice on the ingredients.

      If you prefer to opt for more organic cat treats, you can feed your cat cut up chunks of freshly cooked food, such as eggs, fish or even liver.

      It is important to consider moderation when offering your cat treats and remember that 90% of energy intake should come from their main meals.

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