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More About Picnic Tables

Get together and enjoy some everyday dining in the sunshine! Whether you are looking for a sturdy wooden picnic table, or garden seating for the little ones, we have a wide range of outdoor furniture available to suit your needs.


Constructed from high-quality wood that has been pressure treated, our picnic benches are made to last.


Strong, sturdy and in various styles, these tables are perfect for an informal family get together. From BBQ’s to lunchtime adventures in the garden, a picnic table is a perfect place to start.

  • How to decorate picnic tables 

    • Classic picnic decoration usually includes a chequered table cloth with plastic cutlery and paper plates, but nowadays, your table decoration depends on the style of picnic table you have and your event.

      •  For folding picnic tables, the classic table decoration is best – you can throw away or recycle everything when you’re done and it takes up less room if you’re on the go.

      • For wooden bench picnic tables, you can elevate this classic idea with proper plates, some candles and metal cutlery. Add single-colour cloth napkins in a complimentary tone to elevate it. This is ideal for a lovely outdoor family meal or dinner party.

      •  For wooden picnic tables which have individual chairs or unattached benches, you can really go all out as there’s less chance of any accidents when people get up and down. For a chic, traditional wedding look, add a runner and some floral arrangements alongside crisp white crockery, shiny cutlery and matching napkins – farmyard glamour at it’s finest.

  • How long do picnic tables last? 

    • If you correctly maintain your wooden picnic table, they should last many years. Here are some tips:

      1. Regularly clean and wash off any mess with some warm soapy water

      2. Use a gentle scrubbing bush for the harder bits

      3. Let it completely dry before doing anything else, preferably in full sunshine.

      4. Give it a fresh coat of wood paint or sand and revarnish it every couple of years to preserve it.

  • How big is a picnic table? 

    • Picnic tables vary in size. Classic plastic folding picnic tables like you take camping normally have weight limits and usually fit around 4 people.

      Wooden ones can hold more but you don’t have the mobility. A pub outdoor or picnic table can just about squeeze 6 people on – 3 on each side – but you will have to straddle the joint and be careful about kicking people when you get up.

      There are larger ones on sale like this one, which seats 8.

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