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More About Garden Arches

Make a grand entrance to your outdoor space or highlight your favourite ornament with a beautiful garden arch. There are plenty of uses for an archway, so choose your favourite from our range and make your garden into a tranquil oasis.

We have wooden garden arches and metal garden arches in a variety of styles to suit every customer. Why not invest in some colourful climbing roses and create your own rose archway

  • Where should I put my garden arch?  

    • There are many different uses for a pergola – it depends on the space you have available and what you want it to do.

      Pergolas can be used for:

      Place arches along your pathway and encourage climbers to grow up them creating an enchanting pathway.

      Instead of a gap in the hedge, place an arch there to mark the entrance to the new section of your garden

      But a garden arch with gate for a new way to enter your space.

      Place an arch over your favourite flower or ornament to highlight its beauty.

  • How high should a garden arch be? 

    • There are no steadfast rules on garden arches like there are other garden structures. For example, some can be a maximum of 2.5m tall due to overlooking neighbours, etc.

      We recommend you get one that’s tall enough for you to walk under, and wide enough for at least 1m wide.

      In lighter white and silver pots, more heat-sensitive plants may fare better as they don’t heat up so fast.

  • What is the fastest-growing evergreen climber? 

    • Clematis are super-fast growing. They have long leaves, nice open and colourful flowers for bees and look lovely and exotic.

      Virginia creepers are good too with stunning autumn colours, but these are really vigorous, so keep on top of your pruning.

  • What can you grow over a garden arch? 

    • Any rambling or climbing plant can be grown up an arch if you train it. Tie sections of your chosen climber to the arch to encourage the vines to wind around. Then watch as the sun seeker grows up and over.

      Some good choices are:

      Sweet Peas


      Rambling roses



      Climbing Hydrangeas

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