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More About Garden Landscaping

Get a clean, crisp and cultivated garden design with these garden landscaping ideas from our range. From garden decking to outdoor rubber matting, you can find easy to use flooring to help your vision come to life.


Our decking panels and rubber flooring kits are perfect for beginners and come with easy to follow instructions. Give your outdoor space a fresh new look today by laying down some attractive garden foundations.

  • Can I do my own landscaping? 

    • At its core, landscaping is just designing and deciding what plants and items go where in your garden. So, basic landscaping is fairly easy. Just try and find the right soil and compost for your plants.

  • Where do I start landscaping? 

    • The best time to start landscaping is in December when all your plants are dormant, but the best time to plan and research is the summer before. Look at how all your plants are behaving and growing in the heat and decide if you’d like them moved around or replaced.

      Some key things to think about are:

      - What do you have the space for?

      - Do you want some hard landscaping like paving or decking?

      - Do you want some structure like a gazebo?

      - Do you want seating and storage?

      Write a list of things you need and want, then draw a plan of your garden to work out what you can do with the space. Once you have a do-able plan, start researching for the things you need to purchase.

  • How can I make my backyard beautiful on a low budget? 

    • Here are some things you can do for free:

      1. Clean & tidy up your space by sweeping up leaves and grass

      2. Clean your patio slabs with hot soapy water

      3. Prune your plants and clear out the weeds

      4. Swap plants with your friends

      If you’ve a small budget between £100-£500, you can:

      1. Buy new plants or accessories

      2. Refresh the mulch, gravel or bark around your plants

      3. Buy some new containers

      4. Buy yourself some paving slabs for a patio

      5. Refresh an old fence panel or two

      6. Re-turf your lawn

      7. Buy some furniture

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Garden Landscaping
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