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We offer wide selection of Garden Buildings with a variety of different specifications.
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There are 19 products

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There are 19 products

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  • Shire 8 x 6 Shiplap Apex Potting Garden Shed

    From £709.00
  • Shire Sun 8' 5" x 6' 5" Pent Potting Shed - Premium Dip Treated Shiplap

    From £779.00
  • Raven Crescive Apex Greenhouse & Racking Set - Various Size

    From £339.00
  • Traditional Garden Potting Table by Croft

    - +
  • Growing Patch Waterproof Poly Tunnel

    - +
  • 4 Tier Garden Greenhouse

    - +
  • Growing Patch 3 Tier Garden Greenhouse

    - +
  • Growing Patch 3 Tier Greenhouse Cover Replacement

    - +
  • Rised Bed Greenhouse - Green Tint by EKJU

    - +
  • Raven Crescive 6' x 4' Apex Greenhouse - Classic Polycarbonate

    From £249.00
  • Garden Greenhouse by Wensum

    RRP £379.99
    - +
  • Mercia Evesham Apex Greenhouse - Premium Dip Treated Shiplap

    From £534.00
  • Shire 6' 10" x 6' 4" Pent Potting Shed - Premium Dip Treated Shiplap

    From £754.00
  • Mercia Potting Shed - Premium Dip Treated Shiplap Various Sizes

    From £949.00
  • Shire Iceni 8' 3" x 8' 3" Apex Shed - Premium Coated Shiplap

    - +
  • Compact Garden Greenhouse by Zest

    - +
  • Garden Greenhouse by Zest

    - +
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More About Greenhouses

We have a wide range of garden greenhouses, perfect for propagating, potting and caring for your plants. Constructed to high-quality standards, our greenhouses are designed with functionality in mind.


Discover a variety of styles and sizes to suit your outdoor space. Avid gardeners will love our larger wooden greenhouses, ideal for those who spend a lot of time gardening.


If you're short on space, add a mini greenhouse to your patio - perfect for seedlings in spring.

  • How long do wooden greenhouses last? 

    • Wooden greenhouses are a long lasting structure for your garden. If the wood has been pressure treated and is maintained and cared for correctly, your wooden greenhouse could last you for several decades.

      Make sure to follow the manufacturers care guide and give your wooden greenhouse the best protection you can. Regular maintenance and upkeep will ensure the structure stays sturdy and strong for years to come.

  • Where do you place a mini greenhouse? 

    • Find a space in your garden with generous amounts of nautral light and sunshine. If you are familiar with cold mornings in the garden, avoid any spaces which usually have a frost build up.

      Keep the greenhouse on solid ground and away from trees, as the shade can block the light and encourage algae growth. Consider the surroundings and potential access required, making sure not to block the paths to anything important.

  • Is glass or plastic better for a greenhouse? 

    • Plastic is a much cheaper option than glass, which is why it can be a popular choice for beginners. Glass however, is far more durable and will last longer, and so makes for a better long term investment.

      Plastic windows for greenhouses will have to be replaced every few years, whereas glass will last for years unless damaged. Glass is also more effective in retaining heat inside the greenhouse. The good news is, both plastic and glass will work well for your greenhouse, so it just comes down to budget and preference.

  • Are mini-greenhouses any good? 

    • Mini plastic greenhouses are ideal for starting off seed trays and protecting vulnerable plants from the elements. Not all gardens have space for a permanent greenhouse structure, a mini greenhouse can provide you with a space saving alternative.

      It is important to protect seedlings from the elements and our mini greenhouses are ideal for growing plants from seeds. Some plants are particularly fond of humidity and a plastic greenhouse can help to recreate this atmosphere for them.

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