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Whether you’re looking for a side table for your living space or a chest of drawers for your bedroom, you can be sure that our high-quality furniture will last for years. And with excellent online deals and best-value prices, you’ll definitely get the most out of your money.

  • Should all the furniture in a bedroom match? 

    • While matching furniture is nice, too much of a good thing can look odd. Instead, go for coordinating furniture which matches your space. For example, if you have brushed chrome door handles, try and find pieces of furniture with brushed chrome handles.

      Or try matching colours on different styles of furniture for some cohesion – like a dark blue rustic bedside table and a dark blue glass-topped dresser.

  • How do I layout my bedroom furniture? 

    • •  Making the bed to centre point of the room is a good idea for couples and those who just like to use their room for sleep. It makes it accessible on both sides and you can put a bedside table on either side.

      •  Placing your bed off to one side, even against a wall is better if you use your bedroom for other activities like reading or socialising. This will give you more space to add seating or a desk

      •  The same rule applies if you have a small room – push the bed up against a wall and minimise the other furniture you have in there. Multi-use furniture is great for this – try an ottoman end-of-bed chest as an example: it’s both a seat and a storage chest for your clothes and shoes or spare sheets.

  • How often should you replace your living room furniture? 

    • Some well-built sitting room furniture will last years, just look out for scratching, dents or broken doors.

      But there are pieces, like your sofa, which will definitely show some wear. Keep an eye out for sagging cushions and springs, for broken feet and for strained fabric – you should get at least 7 years out of your sofa, well-made ones can last up to 15.

      Dining tables last as long as you look after them, so avoid scratching the surface by using place mats and table cloths. Dining chairs aren’t as easy to care for, especially if they’re upholstered. Refresh these when you feel unsupported or when the legs or back become wobbly.

  • What is a hallway table called? 

    • Hallway tables have many names passed down through family and regions, but the two most used are:

      1.  Console table

      2.  Entryway table

      They are essentially narrow tables for small entryways or hallways to decorate and add function to your space. Use them as a key store, as a welcoming tool with flowers or for gentle lighting.

  • How do I furnish my office? 

    • If you spend a lot of money on one piece of furniture in your office, make it the chair. Considering you’ll be sitting in it all day, it could affect your posture and give you aches and pains you just don’t need, so choose an office chair with sufficient support.

      Next up is the desk. The key here is to make sure it’s high enough to get your legs under and to rest your wrists on comfortably, otherwise you may need a wrist supporting desk mat. You can get one with drawers to minimise the need for extra furniture.

      Think about your lighting. Staring at a computer screen or report all day can strain your eyes, so make sure you have plenty of light from the windows or from lamps.

      Plants are a nice addition to an office. They brighten up the place and actually increase oxygen levels, so pick up a little one for your space.

  • Why is oak furniture so popular? 

    • Oak is a very popular wood in furniture making. This is largely down to its accessibility and its durable nature. It’s a very strong wood and can withstand an active family life, but it also has a nice stain making it a nice alternative to the ever-affordable pine furniture.

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