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Quality, style & value combined
  Mink Florence
46" x 54" £24.99
66" x 72" £39.99
66" x 90" £44.99
90" x 90" £59.99
Charcoal Florence
  Silver Italian Velvet
    Get some shut-eye It’s great the days are getting longer
and warmer, but when you need some sleep, the bright sun and sound of fun is enough to keep you awake.
Our blackout curtains have 3 Pass technology offering complete blackout, noise reduction and thermal efficiency - so you can keep them up all year .
Choose from six styles with eyelet fittings, in four sizes.
Charcoal Italian Velvet
   Single Panel Curtains - A great alternative when buying for 54" x 90"
smaller windows or for a door and ours are blackout too. £9.99 per panel
Silver Florence
Dove Italian Velvet
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