Easy Ways to Make a Cosy Home

August 5, 2021 by Rachael

Easy Ways to Make a Cosy Home

By Sammy – Content Coordinator

Published 5th August 2021

As the nights draw in, who wouldn’t like a cosy space to curl up in and watch the tele? Or maybe you’d prefer a comfy armchair, a cup of cocoa and a good book? Everyone has their own way of relaxing and having a home that reflects your personality can really help you unwind.

But if you are unsure where to start when it comes to interior decoration, then don’t worry. There are lots of inexpensive small changes you can do around your home to create an inviting atmosphere. In fact, many people don’t even realise how easy it can be to transform a room!

Living room in brown and beige colours in the evening with warm lighting

More than a feeling!

There are several small things you can do to change the feel of a room. Cushions immediately add a softer texture and a throw over an armchair or sofa can be particularly useful if it’s a chilly night! A pair of blackout curtains (that hang low to the floor) not only look nice, but they help keep the warmth in too. Adding these soft textures provides a little touch of cosiness, making your home more welcoming.

Rugs are a great alternative to carpets, and you can get some reasonably sized ones that are super soft underneath your feet. They also add an extra splash of colour to your room!

Modern hallway with white walls adorned with black framed modern art

Looking like a winner!

There is an old saying “a cluttered room creates a cluttered mind.” A clear-out and a tidy can make such a difference to a home. If you do have more stuff than closet space though, clever storage solutions don’t have to take up too much room. The trick is to look for ways to make the most of your space. For example, ottomans not only provide a handy footrest but also sneak in a little storage space for a blanket or slippers. Radiator shelves and floating shelves can provide a handy additional surface where space is limited.

Different lighting can also completely transform a room. Warm white and soft white light bulb colours are recommended to create a gentle ambience. Colour changing fairy lights are nice as they allow you to choose a gentle light to match the colour of your room.

And if you’re looking for a contemporary touch, why not consider partnering up a feature wall with some trendy artwork or a sleek mirror? In fact, mirrors also have the benefit of making rooms seem bigger than they are which is perfect for smaller houses or flats.

Up close of a vaccuum cleaner on a thick pile rug

The nose, knows!

There are some simple wins to make your room smell as fresh as the first day of spring! Firstly, open a couple of windows to circulate fresh air. Give your floors and upholstery a good clean. You can find quality cleaners suitable for most materials and surface types. If you have carpets, a decent hoover or one with a HEPA filter will help pick up dirt and dust preventing them from being released into the air.

Wash the bedsheets, curtains, and throws in your room (don’t forget to check the laundry labels). Smells can cling to fabrics so remember to use a scented laundry detergent and conditioner.

Empty any bins and clean the bin itself. It’s a simple thing to overlook but over time waste bins do become a bit smelly so a fragranced cleaner will do the trick!

Finally, there are a range of things you can add to a room to make it smell nice. Air fresheners are an obvious one but what about potpourri?

It’s an aromatic mixture of dried flower petals, leaves and spices which will provide a long-lasting scent. Diffusers can be a nice alternative to scented candles as they don’t require a naked flame and can perfume your home for weeks.

Man with grey hair and head phones on relaxing on a sofa

Sounding great already?

Most people often don’t think about what sounds they would like to hear in their homes. This will be unique to your room and personality. If you’re creating a tranquil space, it may be worth considering using softer furnishings to help absorb sound. A meditative playlist with some soft lighting can immediately set a calming tone. Fix any loose windows or doors to limit the amount of sound feeding through from outside. A draft excluder can also help with this, plus it helps keep the warmth in!

Some people may prefer a more lively or creative environment. If you are designing a creative space such as an office, art studio, kitchen, or workshop, for example, it’s worth thinking about what you like to hear while working. If you’re a fan of podcasts, audiobooks, or speech radio then a DAB radio with aux in would allow you to access a range of digital stations, and let you connect a phone or tablet. Music lovers may want to consider a decent pair of speakers that can be connected to a music streaming device. And if you want to go for something more classic, then a turntable might be a good shout!

Cup of hot chocolate with chunky marshmallows and a cocoa dusting

Treat yourself!

Your home looks clean and tidy. It smells great and you’re sitting in your soft armchair snuggled up in your favourite throw – what can complete this magical moment? Your favourite snack or drink of course! You may like something sweet or prefer crunchy nibbles instead. Whatever your favourite combo is, pick something up on the next big shop. After a long week, the thought of relaxing and treating yourself makes coming home even more wonderful! The small things can just make a home feel like a home. For me, it’s a flavoured coffee with a chocolate rich tea! Just be mindful not to leave food out as you may find unwanted pests or curious pets may try to eat it!

Lady guiding her male partner to hang a frame on the wall in a straight position

Extra Handy Tips!

Starting any home improvement exercise can be a daunting task at first but try to focus on one job at a time. Prioritise simple things first and address anything that is causing stress such as broken drawers and hinges. Target the easy wins and remove the barriers to you enjoying your home!

Get inspired! There are lots of ways to gain inspiration including home decoration magazines and renovation TV shows. Social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are particularly useful as there are users who specialise in innovative, low-cost home improvements. And don’t forget to ask around! Your friends and family are sure to have some tips and advice on what would work well.

Get some greenery into your home! Plants have so many great benefits. They look homely and research has shown they may filter out toxins by synthetic materials. Be mindful though, some plants can trigger allergies, and some are poisonous if ingested which is not good for homes with pets or children. Choosing the right plants for your home though can be tricky so we would always advise speaking to your local garden centre before purchase.

Some of you may have a smart home speaker device. Did you know that most of these devices are already equipped to play ambient noise? It’s worth spending a couple of minutes looking up what cool things your digital helper can do!

Remember to set a budget before you start a project. This will help you reign in the spending and focus on big wins!

Ultimately, have fun and express yourself! A house is 4 walls and a roof, but a home is what you make it. This is your space, and you deserve to love it. And if you have any other great tips, feel free to share them with us! We can’t wait to see what you come up with, good luck!

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