20 Jobs Scrub Daddy Can Do

October 4, 2018 by Rachael


The Scrub Daddy goes far beyond the duties of a typical kitchen scrubber. Made with unique and exclusive FlexTexture® foam, this one of a kind cleaning tool changes texture based on the temperature of your water! In warm water, he becomes soft and more absorbent. This means he is ideal for light cleaning jobs, ones that may require a soapy lather or accessing tight areas. In cold water he becomes firm which is perfect for tough scrubbing things like burnt debris, sticky residue or soap scum. Scrub Daddy is effective with just water, so you can skip the harsh chemicals. Plus, he rinses clean after use, can be sanitized on the top rack of your dishwasher and is lab tested to not hold odours for up to 8 weeks! Although he feels rough to the touch (especially when cold) Scrub Daddy won’t scratch making him endlessly useful. Check out the list of Scrub Daddy approved jobs below to make this most of this versatile little helper!

1 Pots & pans – he’s safe on your non-stick pans and removes burnt food quickly.

2 Retail labels – use him with cold water to remove both the pesky sticker and adhesive.

3 Tree sap – Scrub Daddy is safe on car lacquer! We know of a few paint jobs he’s saved.

4 Fresh produce – use with warm water to rinse pesticides off fruit or with cold water to remove the skin from potatoes, carrots and cucumbers!

5 Windows – whether on your home or car Scrub Daddy will make them shine.

6 Paint – scrub away flaking paint with a dry scrubber.

7 Cast iron – Scrub Daddy won’t remove the seasoning!

8 Pool & hot tub – scrub away algae with no effort or detergent.

9 Stainless steel appliances – clean your oven, microwave, or the fridge.

10 Tall mugs & vases – place your fingers in his eyes to reach the bottom and sides of tall containers.

11 Fences & cladding – an old Scrub Daddy loves to be retired to the great outdoors.

12 Utensils – insert serving spoons, forks or knives in his mouth to clean both sides at the same time.

13 Tile & bathroom fixtures – soap scum won’t stand a chance. Use him without worry on your fibreglass tub and glass shower door.

14 Glass stove top – finally a way to safely clean this surface. No need for expensive cleansers with Scrub Daddy.

15 Exfoliate – yes, seriously! Be sure to use him with warm water for a soft Scrub Daddy and gradually reduce temperature as needed.

16 Finished wood – whether it’s decorative trim, cabinetry, furniture with a finish or flooring, he’ll scrub it without scratching.

17 Shoes – keep an old scrubber by the door to clean up dirty trainers.

18 Sports equipment – say farewell to grass stains and mud!

19 Hands – use Scrub Daddy with warm water to clean up dirty hands. Tip: his hair can be used to clean under fingernails.

20 Bakeware – his ergonomic shape is just the right size for cupcake tins, measuring cups and cake pans.